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Elf leveling guide 6-14

This is right after you get done with the elf intro area. You will want to pick up Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor and complete it. Your first area you will want to be is Nen Hilith. You can get these quests there.

  1. In Defence of the Forest [6]
  2. Trouble at Nen Hilith [6]
  3. Cooper and Cask [6]
Complete those and a item drops from a wolf that can lead you to these two quests.
  1. Collared [6]
  2. A Word of Warning [6]
If you do those you should now be level 7. Turn in your epic quest and acquire [6] Prologue: Unlike Avorthal. Do that quest and head to Vitner's aid. You will get these quests from there.
  1. Need of a Cask [7]
  2. These quests are done together:
  3. Return the Cask [7]
  4. Gift for a Friend [9]
complete those and turn in your epic. Grab this quest [6] Prologue: Avorthal's Favourite Haunts and complete it. Turn it in than grab this quest [7] Prologue: The Wrath of the Elves. You should now be a level 8 and head to the Hallowed Ground for your next Quest hub. You will get these quests from that hub.
  1. Hallowed Ground [8]
  2. Calengil's Vigil [9]
  3. Cleansing Draught [9]
  4. Cleansing the Ruins [9]
  5. Haunted Lands [12]
Do those quests you may want to get a few players to help you with the level 14. After you complete those you should be level 8. It is now time for you to to complete that epic quest and grab the next one [9] Prologue: The Master of the Refuge. Do that quests and after you complete that grab [11] Prologue: The Emissary. You will now do the Brotherly bond questline that consist of these 4 quest.

  1. Leaving Middle-earth [9]
  2. What was Lost [9]
  3. Now is Found [11]
  4. The Days Ahead [10]
Do those and it is time for you to head onto Gondamon. You will start the Gondamon questline by doing these quests.
  1. Herding Cats [7]
  2. Protecting the Hunt [10]
  3. Warming the Garrison [9]
  4. Feeding the Outpost [10] 
Once you finish Gondamon you will head to the Southern Road and complete the quests there.
  1. Spiders of the Vale [12]
  2. Cave-claws in the Narrows [12]
  3. Goblins in the Valley [12]
Now it is time for you to do The Cats Meow Quest-line which consist of these quests.
  1. The Cat's Meow [10]
  2. Hungry Mouths to Feed [10]
  3. Thistle-mead [10]
  4. On the Mend [10]
Once you complete those you will be level 9-10. You will now proceed on to do the Sundered shield quest line and do these set of quests.
  1. The Sundered Shield [10]
  2. Vow of Vengeance [11]
  3. The Plundered Port [12]
  4. Another Brother's Sorrow [10]
  5. Exacting Vengeance [10] 
Once you complete those you will continue on and do the Corrupted Bones quest line.
  1. Old Bones [13]
  2. A Disturbing Affair [14]
  3. The Elf-stone [13]
  4. The Standing-stone [14
You should now be a hefty level 11 and should now continue your epic story line. After you finish the current one you are on you will pick up  Prologue: Suspicious Encampment. You will finish that and pick up Prologue: Reluctant Allies. After you complete that you will now merge Prolouge.
  1. [12] Prologue: To Avert a War
  2. [12] Prologue: Rescue by Moonlight
  3. [12] Prologue: Preparations for the Assault
  4. [12] Prologue: Assault on Rath Teraig
  5. [15] Prologue: The One Called Strider
After you finish those you should be level 12. Now it is time for you to head to Bree Land. Once you get to Bree you want to do the quest 
  1. Meeting the Mayor [14]
  2. A Tour of Bree [14]
  3. The Trouble with the Southerners 
This quest chain leads onto this quest chain
  1. Sharkey's Men [14]
  2. Shadow of the White Hand [14]
  3. Rogue's Gallery [15]
  4. Sharkey's Plan [15]
  5. The Vale of Andrath [15]
    1. Brigands and Half-orcs [15]
    2. Sharkey's Lieutenant [16]
  6. Informing Grimbriar [16]
By now you should Be level 14. Congratulations on hitting level 14. Once I finish the Dwarf 6-14 Level guide I will do a level 14-20 guide.

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Lotro Shire leveling 6-14

Hey guys here is my Shire quest guide for levels 6-14. This takes place right after you finish Archet. You wanna pick up the quest Prologue: Mundo's Complaint which starts your prologue quest line. This will take you to the town of Michel Delving your first Quest Hub in the shire here is a list of quest you should pick up.

You should complete these and than complete your Prolouge quest. After you turn it in you should have Prologue: Flourdumpling's Stand and you should be level 7-8 by now. Now you should turn that in and get Prologue: Make Yourself Useful. Now it is time for you to head to tookland and get these set of quest. Here is the list of quest you should do.
Here is the quest's you will find at Tuckborugh.
After you complete those you should be level 9-10 and will continue on to the Great Smials. Here are the quests you will get at the Great smials.
Do those and you should head back and complete that prologue quest you got. Turn that in and acquire Prologue: Pansy Tunnelly's Tale. Do that quest run back and get Prologue: The Aid of Halros. Now it is time for you to head to the Bridge Fields. Here is one of the first quests you will pick up here.
Your quest hub in Bridge fields is going to be Budgeford here is a list of the quests you will find here.
By now you should be level 11 and ready to move onto Green fields  Before you do this you should turn in that Epic Prologue and get Prologue: Goblin Foothold. Do that quest run back turn it in and get Prologue: Troubles to Come.  Now head on over to Green fields.  Your first quest hub in the Greenfields should be  Brockenborings.
Than you should  on to the Plough and stars there is only one quest here but it is worth doing it anyway.
Than you will head onto Scary. I will list the quest here below.
After you finish all of these you will be around level 12-13. Now you will finish up the shire prologue quest and head onto Bree land. Here are the remaining Shire Prologue quest you will need to do.
  1. 12] Prologue: The Quarry In Scary - Fellowship
  2. [12] Prologue: Bullroarer's Club
  3. [12] Prologue: Beneath the Greenfields
  4. [12] Prologue: The Shire Unprotected
After you complete those it is time for you to head to the town of Bree. You will pick up this quest chain and do it. 
  1. Meeting the Mayor [14]
  2. A Tour of Bree [14]
  3. The Trouble with the Southerners [14]
Congrats you made it to level 14. I am going to make a Dwarf and Elf Starter zone guide than will do a level 14-20 guide next. Thanks for reading!

Levels 6-14 Man

This guide pretty much begins right after the introduction. I will be explaining where you will go and when right after you are done with the introduction prologue.

Race of Man:
You will begin right after the big battle of Archet. This part of the guide I am about to explain will take you to level 14. Once you get out of the Archet Instance you will see Jon brackenbrook with a flaming ring above his head. This indicates that this is an epic quest part of the epic storyline exclusive to Lord of the Rings Online. The quest he gives you is Prologue: Burying the Dead. Before you do that you should also pick up the questFinding Reason which leds to  A Threat from Spiders which is from Alti-Spider bane, and Disease Among the Boars. Once you complete those three head back to Archet.
After Burying the dead you should have  Bree-land Epic Prologue: An Urgent Summons. Pick up Builder Earur and Spider-bane. Once you complete those pick up Message to Taylor Green and head to Combe. Combe is the next major quest hub. That you will be at. By now you should be around level 7 possibly level 8. You will want to pick up literally ever quest that they have their which is in all about 18 quests. Ill list them for you right here.

If you complete all of those you should be level 9-10. Be warned though in alot of the camps it is not possible to pull one mob without pulling all the rest. I recommend you have one or two buddies helping you with some of these quests. After you complete those turn in the Prolouge:Urgent summons and start doing the prologue quest. The next quest after urgent summons is Bree-land Epic Prologue: Cutleaf's Good Intentions where you will have to visit Ellie Cutleaf. Her house is to the southern part of town. She will give you a series of quests in which you will complete for her. 
After you complete those you will obtain another quest Bree-land Epic Prologue: Chasing Amdir but you will not do this quest. Leave along the road exiting Combe and follow the road until you come to the small town of Staddle. You will want to find Eldo Swatmidge he offers a few very easy quest for a fellow hero like you to do which will net you some xp and probably get you to level 11.
He also sends you to Widow Froghorn and here are the quests that she gives you.
Than I would recomend that you go see Gami bogs and do this small quest chain.
Now it is time to finally head back to Staddle and begin these series of quests.
Than there are a few that start within the greater Staddle 
By the time you are finished with Staddle I would expect you to be level 12-13. Now it is time for you to finally do that Prolouge quest you got a while ago. Complete that and you will receive  Prologue: To a Ranger's Aid
That is an instance which sums up the Prolouge. Now it is time for you to head to the great town of Bree
and you will get the quests get the quest chain:
  1. Meeting the Mayor [14]
  2. A Tour of Bree [14]
  3. The Trouble with the Southerners
Which eventually leads onto this quest chain
  1. Sharkey's Men [14]
  2. Shadow of the White Hand [14]
  3. Rogue's Gallery [15]
  4. Sharkey's Plan [15]
  5. The Vale of Andrath [15]
    1. Brigands and Half-orcs [15]
    2. Sharkey's Lieutenant [16]
  6. Informing Grimbriar [16]
Now you will be level 15 after doing all of those. Congratulations I will be doing future levels as I have time to add them. I will also be doing a dwarf,elf, and Hobbit of their leveling and starting zone. Thanks for reading!

Lotro intro

Race of Man:
If you choose the Race of man to start out as you will wake up in a brigand prison cell. This instance is called  Instance: Jail Break.  After a dramatic and violent escape you eventually end up in Archet where the real adventure begins.

Race of Hobbits:
If you choose the Race of Hobbit you begin on a dusky road in  Green Hill Country, Via Old Odo's Leaf-farm where you are ambushed and captured by a group of brigands. After a rescue you are taken to Archet where your real adventure soon begins. Instance (Instance: A Road through the Dark)

Race of Dwarf:
The race of Dwarf begins in the  Silver Deep where you have to rescue miners from a troll and the finding of Skorgrims corpse, which is something that stirs up Gormr's interest. Instance: (Instance: Into the Silver Deep)

Race of Elf: 
The Race of the elves begin's in  Edhelion where you defend from a attack from Skorgrims party, to where you head to  temporry camp in Edhelion's watch which is east of Thorin's Gate. Instance: (nstance: The Refuge of Edhelion)

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Class Guide

Here I will show you some of the classes. I will start off by showing you a few graphs I acquired from the Lotro Wiki.
TankDPS: MeleeDPS: AoEDPS: RangedCrowd controlDebufferHealerBufferPet Class
Burglar: The Burglar is a master of stealth and misdirection. Burglars mainly rely on using the ability sneak and than they use a series of Tricks and gambles to stun their enemies and kill them pretty fast. The Burglars main role is to be a debuffer, which means they rob monsters of their ability to deal damage and attack at full strength, which would make their role in a group a very coveted one. The burglar can be played by the races of Hobbit, and Man

Captain: The captain is probably my favorite class. The only thing I do not like about captain's is they could get better heals. In the beginning you don't get good healing until your all traited out which can take a little while. They get some pets and eventually a creature known as an Oath Breaker. The Captain really doesn't have a definite role and they are known as a Jack of all trades. They have a hand with about every job in the group. When going solo the captain can be a warrior and a healer, but while in a group they can improve their fellowship a great deal. Even though they aren't really the best in any area they can cover about any job their is in a group. The captain can be played by the race of Man.

Champion: The champion is a consummate warrior, and unrelenting in battle. The champions Fervour allows him to make very powerful attacks, with their Affect on everyone especially. The champion is the best in melee combat but can carry a bow also. The champion uses heavy armor to take all the hits that can affect him. The champions main role in a fellowship is to inflict damage to multiple targets while interuptting the channel abilities with Clobber. The champion can be played by Dwarf,Elf,And man.

Guardian: The guardian is my second favorite class. The guardian is a protector of the weak and defender of those in  need. The guardian is capable of withstanding mighty blows and retaliating. A true guardian stands in the forefront of battle shielding his allies from the blows of his enemies. The role of a guardian is a tank and the races capable of playing this class are Dwarf,Elf,Hobbit,and Man.

 Hunter: The hunter is probably the squishiest of the classes. The hunter is a master of the field and the forest, Hunter's are unmatched with a bow. Hunter's use their survival skills to guide their companions and lay traps for their enemies. Hunters are at their strongest attacking enemies from a  distance, but are able to defend themselves in melee combat when needed. The Hunter's Main role is the Nuker. The Hunter can be played by Dwarf,Elf,Hobbit,and Man.

  Lore-master: The lore-master is a seeker of knowledge, and a guardian of wisdom. The lore-master wields ancient secrets and lore confound to his foes, and to aid his friends, protecting them from the dark powers of the enemy. The role of a lore-master is crowd control. And the races that can play as the lore-master are the race's of Elves, and Man.

 Minstrel: The minstrel is the heart of fellowship, a herald of hope and renewal. The minstrel uses knowledge of ancient songs and lore to ward off the forces of darkness and to bring relief to his companions. The role of a minstrel is to be a healer. The races that can play as the minstrel are Dwarf,Elf,Hobbit,and Man.

 Rune-keepers: Mystic linguist and masters of true names. The Rune-Keeper can heal in one battle and use destructive magic in the next. The Rune-Keeper can call down lightning among the enemy. Recite words of grace or use destructive magic the choice is yours. The roles of a Rune-Keeper are healer, and crowd control. The races that can play as a Rune-Keeper are Dwarf,and Elf.

 Wardens: A warden is armed with spears and javelins as the weapon of their choice. The warden uses a gambit system to execute powerful combo attacks on the front line's of battle. Unlike the other tank classes, the warden uses the medium armor type and relies on self heals using taunts with blocking and parrying. The warden is good at holding aggro. The roles of the warden is tank. The races that can play the warden are Elf,Hobbit,and Man.